Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Dress Different Body Shapes

Whether you are an apple or a Pear, Hourglass or Rectangle, Top Heavy or just to much Junk in the Trunk, you can still look great.

I have spent countless hours, watching "What not to wear" and a variety of other show's and the common theme is, that you can look great no matter what body shape you may posses.  I am a mix between a few of these, but i know how to style my body to look like what ever shape i feel like being. Dont let your body define what you wear or who you are... Just be you :)

So here are some style tips for every type......

   Apple: The apple body type is one of the more challenging body types to dress, however it is also one of the easiest when you're camouflaging trouble spots

  • Try out a floaty tee such as a tunic style top. It will skim around the waist.
  • Try an empire waist shirt that begins under the bust to draw attention away from the stomach.
  • Wear shirts that reach lower than your waist to reduce the chance of "muffin top"escaping from where your shirt meets your trousers. If you like your hips to look a little more in balance with your bust, try a shirt that meets the largest point of the hips.
  • Choose a shirt with a slightly lower neckline to keep the eyes moving upwards. Pair that with a statement necklace for maximum effect.

  •    Hour Glass: Women who have hourglass figures always have a defined waistline with and are equally balanced top and bottom. Select sleeveless tops or tops with sleeves depending on your personal preferences, climate, and whether or not your arms are toned. If your top has straps, they shouldn't be too small in proportion to your size. Spaghetti straps are usually not a good idea for women who have hourglass figures because they look too tiny contrasted to wide shoulders and an ample bust.
    Best styles to wear are those with:
    • surplice construction.
    • V-necklines.
    • wrap styling.
    • princess seaming.
    • close-fitted or semi-fitted styling.
       Pear:The pear shape is very common body type. Embrace the opportunity to emphasize your slim neck, shapely shoulders, and defined waist line.

    Look for waist-defining details in your tops, such as belted or cinched styles that show off your defined waist.
    Shirts that draw attention to the face are welcome. Look for buttons or ties at the neck that will draw eyes upwards.
    Try to avoid shirts that are too tight.
    Plus-size women should stay away from baggy shirts. Don't hide your shape with loose tees! You'll look bigger all over.

       Rectangle:  If you have a rectangle shaped figure, you have a balanced figure type, just as women who have an hourglass figure do.

    Look for tops that create the illusion of a defined waistline. That may mean either an empire waistline that has a band under the bust or a top that has a band at the natural waistline.
    Tops with self-belts or other belted tops can work well too as long as the belt does not fall below the natural waistline.

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