Sunday, February 19, 2012

Neon Dreams!!!!!

     Is it just me, or is the neon colors making a comeback? I am in love with the new colors of jeans. My favorite colors are the jewel toned ones, Like Aquamarine and Emerald. I also have sweet spot for the reds and hot pink denim jeans. 

    The colorful array of jeans have been hitting store like crazy over the last month. I like to purchase my Neon colored jeans from PacSun. They carry my Favorite brand; Bullhead Black Denim Leggings. 

   Which come in any color you can imagine. They are a little pricey, around $50.00 for a pair, but if you buy on special like BOGO or clearance you can score a pair for $10.00- $25.00.

 Here is a photo of me in my: Teal Denim Leggings By Bullhead Black. Black Tank by BEBE, Tan Blazer by Forever 21, and Leopard print Wedges by Aldo.

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