Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the Catwalk

I am like many of you, I often dream about walking down a Catwalk wearing some of the best clothing, from some of the top brands. However, I know full well that I am to Short. Standing at a mere 5'3" I will never get to wear high fashions pieces as Gucci or Prada on a Catwalk.

I did, however get the chance to walk in a local fashion show. A wonderful lady by the name of Lala, allowed me to be a model in her show a few years back. Lala has created a really great clothing line for the urban clothing lover.

I was super excited to see one of my dreams come true. I worked that catwalk with all that I had, and as you can see in the first photo (Upper Left) at the end of the walk we were asked to pose.

This photo to the right was taken during the walk, by a wonderful Photographer by the name of Kirk. If you have ever attended a Seattle Night Life event you probably have seen him around a few of the clubs. His work is great and always shows me in the best light possible.

Tell me what fashion dreams you have??? Do you want to be a fashion designer, a model, a fashion photographer?

What ever it may be don't give up on your dreams, they can take you further than you may think.

~ Rika

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