Saturday, March 31, 2012

Have you seen the Hunger Games?

Last night I was finally able to make time to see the #1 movie in the world right now. That's right I saw the Hunger Games. The movie in general was fantastic, the actors great, perfect fit for the roles if you were to ask me. I was however disappointed at how much of the story they changed. I understand that not every detail of the book can be Incorporated into the movie, but the really did leave a few key points out. Don't worry no spoiler here, I wont tell you what they didn't mention, or what they did for that matter. Either way its a must see movie, but I strongly encourage that you read the book first.

Here are some photos of what I wore to see the movie:

Top: Willow & Clay Color Block
Pants: Bull Head Black Destroyed Denim.
Shoes: Steve Madden Caryssa



  1. You look lovely!:) and I liked the film too:)

    1. Thanks :) I am glad you liked the Film, Did you read the book?

  2. No I haven't yet, but I will do:)

  3. i love your shirt , and that moviee was soo good !