Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mens Wear: Thrifted

 A lot of people look at thrift shopping as if its taboo, but a lot of great finds can be found while thrift shopping, Many place like Nordstrom offer other companies out of season clothing, which we the consumers can buy at a discounted rate. Places like Ross and T.J. Maxx are great places to start out.

Another great shopping place that many people aren't aware of is Nordstrom Rack, Where you can get Nordstrom quality clothing for more than half the price.

Here is a few photos of the outfit Mohamed scored while thrift shopping last week:

Shirt: Gucci
Under Shirt: Ralph Lauren V Neck
Pants:Union Jeans
Shoes: Timberland Counterpane Chukka
Belt: American Eagle
Hat: Diesel

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  1. Thrift shopping can be very much like a luck game. There will be times you won't find a thing, at others you may score big time, I believe that was your friend's lucky day.


  2. i really do need to go thrifting. i keep hearing such good things. love these little finds! :)
    xo TJ