Thursday, March 29, 2012

Special Guest: Agnes Ingarra

  Fashion is not just about dressing up, its about so much more. Fashion & Fitness is about hitting the weights and looking good. Yes,You....... can work out and still look good, Here is a prime example of just that:

 I would like to introduce to you, my personal friend and inspiration to be a healthy human being:
Agnes Ingarra

1. What in Fashion inspires you?

I love the indie/hipster/bohemian looks....I'm always looking at for fashion inspiration & this Japanese magazine called "nuts" when I actually can have time not being in gym clothes all the time LOL.

2. How did you get involved in Fitness?

I was about 40lbs overweight and a bit depressed about not having a job/direction in life and I decided I needed to change..started taking zumba classes, became an instructor then wanted the ultimate challenge and competed in bikini bodybuilding ;)

3. Do you think that Fashion can blend into the world of Fitness?

Absolutely! I think there's actually a lack of creative fashion for the fitness world. I mean the basics are yoga pants, tank/sport tops, sweats etc...and there's only a few companies actually making stylish workout apparel for women. I would love to see more of it at affordable prices too.

4. If so, what fitness clothing lines do you think are paving the way?

I know of a designer Janine Brazil (
also very happy to see Forever21 and Wet Seal add a sports/athletic line to they're stores.

5. What would you say your style of Fashion is? Chic, Laid Back, etc?
Well on a daily basis I'm usually in gym clothes!LOL So I'm constantly looking for affordable "chic" workout clothes! I only get to dress up on the weekends when I'm not training or working and for those days it's usually casual/chic. This summer I really want to get into the hipster look, so I'll have to change my wardrobe up very soon!

 Thanks Agnes, for answering my questions about Fitness in the Fashion world.
For those of you wanting to learn more about Fitness, or about Agnes,
 check out Agnes Ingarra's Facebook Page ,  Twitter PageYoutube Page .


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