Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a Night !!!

Shortly after these photos were taken I snuggled into bed, only to be awaken at 1:55 am by the blaring sound of the fire alarm system at my apartment complex. I did what any sane person would do, the boyfriend and I grabbed our Phones, threw on our jacket, tossed on some slippers, and walked with the other people living in our 6 story building, We walked down the 5 flights of stairs to the bottom, as we reached the middle way between the first and second levels smoke or a least what we all thought was smoke was filling up the stair well, we quicken our pace and reached the ground level, walked out the side and to the front of the building.

Jacket: Guess by Guess
Shirt: American Rag
Jeans Vigoss
Earrings : Forever 21
Luckily for us the Fire station is right across the street,  At least 200 people stood as 5-8 fireman rushed into the apartment complex, (let me tell you the wait seemed like forever, thoughts were rushing through my mind, is the place going to burn down????)  As we waited outside, a young fellow made a snide comment " is everyone having a good time" as you can probably guess, this did not sit well with the people who are standing in the cold waiting at now 2:20am for the news if their pets, and belongs are going to be safe. A fight broke out and luckily the police were able to quite the commotion quickly, and just as the fight ended the fireman returned with an all clear. There was no fire, some one had opened the box on the first floor that contained the fire extinguisher and that triggered the alarm. As we trekked back to the stairwell leading up to the 5th floor you could see the fire extinguisher had been sprayed all over the first floor. Apparently the person who opened set the alarm off had fun spraying it all over the place.Which accounts for the smoke we all thought we saw, it was just the spray in the air that created the white clouds of smoke.

Thankfully no was hurt, no one lost anything really other than a bit of sleep, but wouldn't you rather lose some sleep then have the your house burn down ;)


  1. cute outfit x

  2. Oh wow! poeple can be real idiotic sometimes. still, glad nothing serious happened and that you guys are fine. Cute outfit


  3. I really like this jacket you are wearing. Glad there was no fire.