Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 Top 10 S/S Shoe Trends- Women

 Well this year certainly has a great line up when it comes to shoe tends for Spring/ Summer of 2012.  I have listed below the Top 10 Styles that are currently being worn and talked about.  Mega Platforms have been popular every since Lady Gaga began to wear them. Other shoes styles made Famous by super stars are the Metallic Toe shoes, and Shinny shoes. 

What style trend is your favorite right now?

1. Metallic toes-  
2. Pointed Toe-

3. Pastels-

4. Mega platforms

5. Transparent shoes

6. Shoes with laces  
7. Shining shoes

 8. Braided sandals

9.  Espadrilles and Wedges 

10. Bright colored Shoes

 ~ Rika

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  1. I love the clear shoes trend! :)