Sunday, April 1, 2012

Product Review: Sally Hansen HD & SEPHORA By OPI

I am one of those girls who would rather paint my own nails then pay for someone else to do them for me. I am however very picky about the type of polish I use. It must dry quickly, have great pigmentation, it must not get clumpy easily, and above all must be of high quality. The cheaper the polish the cheaper the look and feel it will have once you put it on, It will chip easily and no one wants the freshly painted nails to start chipping only hours after putting it on your self.

For the Review I used Sally Hansen HD polish in Three-D & SEPHORA By OPI Black Crackle :

Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color is a fantastic brand of nail polish, it's superior quality allows it to stay in place with only a single stroke of clear top coat. Sally Hansen HD polish is formulated with Real Liquid Crystals for a multidimensional color and iridescent shine.  This product it true to its claim, once you put it on its hard to ignore the bright color radiating from your hands.  Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail color comes in 16 luminous shades. 

However I wasn't to please with the SEPHORA by OPI, It worked great the few times i used it but, after a while it started to get clumpy and thick. It was hard to use, it would not spread evenly, I tried thinning it out with some nail polish remover but it barely made a difference, some times it would come out nice and even, and crackle.  Other times it looked like a big black streak across my nails. I am sad to say i will not be buying this from again, at least not this particular brand. 

So just a quick recap, Sally Hansen HD Polish is a must have, and don't waste your time or money on SEPHORA by OPI crackle polish....

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