Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NAHA 2012 Finalists: Avant Garde & HairColor

I am a lover of fantastic and wild hair styles, although I know they aren't exactly the most wearable hair styles. Non the Less, they inspire the soul and shock the mind. Check out the Finalist of the NAHA 2012.

Avant Garde

Chris Vandehey 

Chrystofer Benson

Jake Thompson

Jose Macias/Julian Navarro

Nicholas French


Dimitrios, Tsioumas
Nick Stenson

Jacqueline Sanchez

Chad Demchuk

Sue Pemberton


  1. Love it Erica! Keep the post rocking, and i'll keep the inspiring hair rocking!

  2. Thanks Jake, Your piece was the first one i saw when browsing for photos. Your work is amazing!!!