Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inverted Triangle- How to Dress your Body

Having a Inverted Triangle Body shape is at time frustrating to dress. Many people with this body type tend to try to cover it up by wearing more sporty looking clothing, which plays up the athletic body shape, making you a look more like a tomboy. 

Try adding more volume and width around your hip-line and thighs, to downplay your broad shoulders. This will help to even out your body's silhouette. 

If you love your athletic shoulder, then show them off, I have listed some items below that will either play them up or play them down.

Try pieces that will make your hips and thighs look fuller and rounder, this includes details such as ruffles, tiers. For the bottom half, try flared cut bottom hems like wide and flare leg jeans. 
Inverted Triangle- How to Dress your Body

Inverted Triangle- How to Dress your Body by rikasfashionbox featuring a pencil skirt

  1. Diagonal Tops will help to make your shoulder appear smaller, by drawing attention away from them and toward the hip. 
  2. Peplum skirts, and body to the hip line, evening out the shoulder to hip ratio. 
  3. Wide collar shirts and Tops with flouncy fabric and front ruching  help to conceal the width of the shoulder. Making them appear smaller. 
  4. Asymmetrical tops work in a similar way to diagonal tops by drawing the attention away from the shoulder. 
  5. Long Jackets with wide pockets give the illusion of wider hips to match the broad shoulder. 
      What do you think of these styles?

Dorothy Perkins wrap dress
$44 -

Leopard dress
£27 -

Kaliko cowl top
£29 -

Stripe shirt
$37 -

Jane Norman bohemian style top
£32 -

Scoop neck top
£30 -

Daytrip sequin shirt
$28 -

Crop top
£15 -

H M cotton cardigan
£9.99 -

One sleeve top
$17 -

Dorothy Perkins black jacket
$44 -

Nike jacket
$50 -

Dorothy Perkins pencil skirt
$39 -

Paprika pencil skirt
£22 -


  1. Not an inverted triangle girl, but I do love those skirts!

  2. Me too, im more of a rectangle, so anything that adds volume to my lower half is fine by me :)