Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HandCrafted Goodies By Rika

So recently I have been really into making my own jewelry.
 The reason for this is that i find, most places make their items too big for me, 
I am at best 5"4 on a good day, I am petite so finding that jewerly that fits is tough.
Even finding a bracelet that will actually stay on my wrist is a task all on its own.
I figured why not make stuff that not only fits, but fits my style 100%.

Here is some of my latest Creations. 

 This necklace above is actually an earring, i bought the metal piece pre-made at a craft store because i do not know how to make my own metal pieces yet. Some of the stones were already set in it but I added the beading and the necklace strand.

Interested in Buying one of these? Click the link at the top of my blog that say's Shop Rika's Fashion Box.
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1 comment:

  1. Wow! great pieces! I love the bracelet!