Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Last week was a whirlwind of events, however my favorite was Saturday night. 
A large group of my friends got together to celebrate a dual birthday, 
we played Cards against Humanity, and ate some rainbow cake with blood orange frosting!!! 
If you havent played cards against humanity; maybe you have hear of apples to apples. Either way check out the game, and yes you need a horrible mind set to play, 
as the cards clearly states it's a game for horrible people!!

This is the outfit i wore nothing special but i did get these fancy boots on a great deal.
MIA Tan Boots, The little tassel on the shoe strings is my favorite!!!
Bullhead denim jeggings in maroon, Forever 21 Tan Blazer, Gold and white tunic,
and a Vans Maroon Beanie, 
Got to fight off the cold. Its been 30 and below for 2 weeks...


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  2. I love the Shoes!!!