Monday, January 14, 2013

Rika's Fashion Box Giveaway Extravaganza

Well its that time again, Giveaway time that is!!

Thanks to all my fans who helped me reach my goal of 20,000 page views, 

So this giveaway is easy, just follow the instruction and bam your chance to win is that much closer!!

Step 1. Use this nifty little Gadget below to enter, it will help me keep track of your entries....
Step 2. Share this giveaway, and when your friends enter have them say who sent them. 
Step 3. Cross your Fingers and hope you win, i have some really good items in my store. 

After the giveaway for all who entered i will post a discount code for 25% a single item in my store!!!

Here are a few samples of what I have in my Store, Now



  1. Love this!! :) Thanks for letting me know. Visiting from

  2. I like Pink Marbled Braclet. :)