Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hippocamp and Epaulets- Military Chic

Recently I received some lovely items from
As a member of there Fashion Hunter Program, 
I was able to get some items to review and share my thoughts
 with all my lovely Followers!!

Below is two of the three items I received.

I really love this Hippocamp Necklace, it goes with almost every outfit, and is super cute.

The Beaded Tassel Epaulets are super fun,
 and dress up any blazer, they are super easy to attach. 
 They were by far the one thing i got the most complements on while wearing them this weekend. 

Hippocamp Pendant Necklace
Hippocamp Pendant Necklace-Green
Beaded Tassel Epaulets-Alloy/Metallic

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