Saturday, June 15, 2013

Congrats to the Graduates

Its been quite a while since i posted on here. I'm sorry i haven't been able to keep the blog update over the last month, but it was for a very good reason. 
The last few weeks have been crazy I took 25 credits this quarter, and had 5 finals. 
But I passed every single class, and
Yesterday I graduated from Edmonds Community College!
I earned 3 degrees during my 2 years of study there. 
I am offically a College Graduate, and I am also very proud to say I have also been Accepted to one of the most prestigious private schools in Washington state. 
That's right......

However I was unable to attend my commencement ceremony because my younger sister was also graduating from Everett Community College. Our graduations were going on at the same time 4 blocks away from each other!!!!
So I supported my sister in her achievements... Here are a few photos from Yesterday's festivities. 
Congratulations to everyone who graduated yesterday, Lets continue on the journey to better our self's, and become productive members of society!!

P.S. I wore my Cap and Gown to my sister Graduation, and let me tell there were a lot of confused people!!!!