Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stuck on Broadway Nails imPress

I like to consider my self a bit of an odd child when it comes to my nails,
 I love polish, but not on my own nails. 
The hassle of the upkeep is just a bit much for me, 
I spend a lot of time typing on the keyboard, or playing video game or working out,
and my nail polish always chips after 2-3 days. 
When I first received the imPress Broadway Nails, I was a bit skeptical. 
I thought to my self " oh these will never last, and they will probably fall off in a day"
But, I was wrong!!!

These nails lasted over 2 weeks, with out cracking, breaking off.
 Even in the shower they did not budge.
 I did have a great time getting use to them though, 
I have never had fake nails before.

 I would buy this product, i think its a fresh take on the old stick on nails. 
To find out more follow the handle/hashtag below!!!
                                               @BwayNails / #imPressRevolution 

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