Thursday, September 12, 2013

PAX PRIME 2013 - League of Legends-

Wow, the last few months have been crazy insane for me. 
However despite my busy life lately, I was able to attend one of my Favorite Cons. 
I will only say this once, so I hope you all can understand, 
I am a Gamer, Cosplaying, Anime Watching, Geek.
So having the chance to Cosplay as some of my Favorite Champs from 
League of Legends at Pax Prime
was an opportunity I could not give up!

If you have never attend a con, you are missing out!!
Here are some of the best shots from that lovely 4 day weekend !!

Officer Caitlyn- Photo credit Roya Shams

Tibbers, Annie, Lee Sin, Bunny Teemo- Photo Credit Unknown

Kayle-Photo Taken By Joshua Lewis

Officer Caitlyn, Divine Soraka-Photo Taken By Joshua Lewis

Photo By LOLeSports

Bilgewater Katarina, Road Warrior Miss Fortune
Elise- photo by LOLEsports- Britthebadger

 Some of these costumes, took about a year to make, and were all hand crafted. 
If you want to see more be sure to like the following pages:

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