Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tattee Boy Clothes

Hey Lovely Fans, 
Its been a while since I have done a post on Mens wear, I feel its about time I give the fellas some love.  

I recently came across this site, because a friend of mine posted a very nice jacket!
I decided to look through the rest of the items, and i feel in love. A lot of the men items are unisex so it can work for both Boy's and Girl's.

You might be wondering about Tattee Boy, 
So I added some of their F.A.Q. for you.

What exactly is TatteeBoy Clothes?
"TatteeBoy Clothes is a Philadelphia based online store that sells European and Eastern fashions and styles."

Well, where do the clothes come from then?
"We buy our clothes from various designers and manufacturers in Europe, Japan, Korea, and other fashion hot spots.  We then put a collection together and feature it on our sites."

Right now they sell only Unisex and Men's wear, but they hope to branch out to Women's and kids as well.  

Also TatteeBoy was kind enough to give me a little code for all you lovely fans:
Use code: Rika 
At check out for 20% off your purchase!

Here are some of my favorite Items for Men!

Visit Tatte Boy Clothes to see more items
<3 Rika 

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